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Welcome to our Alberta Good Sam website.

We are proud of our Good Sam organization and the Province of Alberta.

Alberta Good Sam has 20 active chapters. A chapter is a group of Good Sam members who are interested in the RV life style and camping together. Each chapter roster varies in size.  We welcome everyone to join existing chapters or start a new one in your area. To find a chapter in your area click on Clubs/Chapters. We are associated with Good Sam Club/Camping World and governed by the same Constitution & By-Laws.

Alberta Good Sam hosts three events each year. The Provincial Spring Meeting in April, Provincial Samboree in June and our Mini Samboree in September. 

Our Provincial Samboree is held the third week in June and is our largest event. The Samboree is our way of bringing all chapter members together for camaraderie, new friends and family. We rotate the location each year so all chapters have an opportunity to host this exciting event. The activities include games, golf, crafts, jam session, pet parade, catered banquet, breakfast, seminars, samgo, entertainment and much more. The most important activity is to have fun.

We are a philanthropic organization and Good Sam continues to embrace the Club’s original spirit of helping others by giving back to the community and those less fortunate.

We invite you to contact us and join in the fun and friendship of our Good Sam Family.



Alberta Good Sam Provincial Director

Sam & Blanche Frame
Calgary, AB










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